Working groups of Comenius

We want to present a short description about activities of project Comenius. Every wednesday, we meet at 8 o'clock am to make a point about working program of each group.

As you can see below :

Rehearsing the anthem, supervised by :
Serge Morales,
For lyrics look at the virtual book.
Participation of all the students and the teachers.

Working on comics, supervised by :
Christophe Marques
Emma 2C1
Jessica 2C1
Sofian 2A2
Styven 2A1

Working on panels, supervised by :
Brigitte Mir
Dalhia 2C3
Mélanie 2A3
Chaïma 2C3
Lorraine 2A1
Christophe 1CS2

Organizing the meeting, supervised by :
Edith Valery, Christophe Millet and Donalda Mehez
Mélissa 2A2
Diane 2A2

Translation and exchanges, supervised by :
Marie Lopez
Cécile 1SER
Sofian 2A2
Styven 2A2
Céline 2C2
Fazila 2C2

Making of herbarium, supervised by :
Lysianne Lannes
Lorraine 2A1
Mélanie 2A3
Emma 2C1
Jessica 2C1

Updating the blog, supervised by :
Michael Mistral
Roxane 2A1
Mallaury 2A1
Islem 2C3


first contact on the blog from Edith Valéry

Hi, I'm a teacher of LP Claret Toulon and I manage the meeting with the students you can see on the virtual book. We enjoy meet you soon...


Comenius Crêpes

Preparation : 30 min
Cooking : 2 min for each Crêpe

Ingredients :
- 3 eggs beaten in omelet
- 1 soupspoon of orange flower water or a zest of lemon
- 750 g of flour
- ½ package of beaking powder
- 70 g of soft butter
- 1 pinch of salt
- 350 g of caster sugar

Preparation :

- Put in salad bowl the flour, mix in the baking powder.
- Make a fountain, put in the middle the soft butter, the beaten eggs, a pinch of salt, the caster sugar and the orange-flower water or zest of lemon if you don’t have orange-flower water.
- Mix the whole by means of a spatula (spoonbill),
- Be careful at the lumps !
- Add a little water if necessary to obtain a well mix.
- Let the mixture sleep 40mn.
Now the most important! The cooking.
- Pour the dough into the pan delicately
- Cook in a moderate time during 2 min for each crêpe.
And the most important thing:
- You have to jump the crêpe in the air to return the other side be burn.
The crêpe can be eaten nature, with marmelade, Nutella or only with sugar.
- You can taste the French dessert when you go in France!
This is it !
Cécile and Mallaury


Next Meeting in Toulon - april 2010

Follow the link to see the numeric book of our comenius classroom.

Updated on March 16th, 2010 with the lyrics of the hymn the European citizenship.

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