ISIS "Filangieri" di Frattamaggiore

Who we are

Here we are to introduce you our school



A Comic about Turkey:Ambling at the Bazaar

Here you have Daniel's comic.

Comic about Turkey

read Sara's comic about Turkey.


Any clue?

Where's the pirate?

Where is the pirate?

This song is based on a poem written by a Spanish poet, José de Espronceda. It is called ""La canción del pirata" (the pirate's song). Many students in Spain have to learn it by heart, so it is a well known poem for them.
When the students have read the poem it is very usual that the teacher asks them the following question:
Where is the pirate?  
For all Comenius students who have been in Turkey it is easy to answer.
Follow the link to the poem (and to a quick translation to English that I have made) if you want to read it.


Sunday morging, at 1 o'clock, we take the fly at Marseille to Giresun via Istanbul.
We will be happy to see you soon for the turkish step.


Spanish Game

Just in case you have missed this, here you have the Spanish Game.


How much do you know about Turkey?

How much do you know about Turkey?
Download the game and enjoy.


"A video of our school"

Here you have a video showing the ITC “Gaetano Filangieri” of Frattamaggiore, Naples, Italy, Europe…

clic here, please


Meeting in Toulon from 24th to 30th April 2010

Hello, here is the program of the first meeting of European citizenship step by step prepared by the French team of Comenius with the active collaboration of the students of Claret School.

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Our favourite recipes

Some traditional recipes from Spain.


Comenius Survey - The Italian Report

If you want, you can download also an .xls (85 kb)

and a .pdf (30 kb) version of our Italian Survey.


Working groups of Comenius

We want to present a short description about activities of project Comenius. Every wednesday, we meet at 8 o'clock am to make a point about working program of each group.

As you can see below :

Rehearsing the anthem, supervised by :
Serge Morales,
For lyrics look at the virtual book.
Participation of all the students and the teachers.

Working on comics, supervised by :
Christophe Marques
Emma 2C1
Jessica 2C1
Sofian 2A2
Styven 2A1

Working on panels, supervised by :
Brigitte Mir
Dalhia 2C3
Mélanie 2A3
Chaïma 2C3
Lorraine 2A1
Christophe 1CS2

Organizing the meeting, supervised by :
Edith Valery, Christophe Millet and Donalda Mehez
Mélissa 2A2
Diane 2A2

Translation and exchanges, supervised by :
Marie Lopez
Cécile 1SER
Sofian 2A2
Styven 2A2
Céline 2C2
Fazila 2C2

Making of herbarium, supervised by :
Lysianne Lannes
Lorraine 2A1
Mélanie 2A3
Emma 2C1
Jessica 2C1

Updating the blog, supervised by :
Michael Mistral
Roxane 2A1
Mallaury 2A1
Islem 2C3